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We are an Italian-owned company based in the United States, committed to bringing authentic Italian foods to the American table. We proudly select, import and distribute Specialty Italian Food to the Best Restaurants and Gourmet Stores in US EastCoast
We create brand strategy and targeted marketing plans by proposing integrated business models to create emotional and sensory connections between the brand and consumers. Not just a product to be consumed, but a true experience to be lived.
20100US was established in November, 2014 with the aim of delivering technical and engineering assistance to customers inherited from its founder’s experience of collaboration with national and multinational companies. Our mission is to provide fast and reliable technical assistance and high specialized consultancy with focus on cyber security to office computer users, to the store’s users and to keep running and secure the IT infrastructure of its customers. 20100US is able to respond promptly to any customer problem making your business processes more effective and productive.
55 Foundry operates as a holding company of transformative platforms with skills, technology, connections and capital.
We are an efficiency driven firm focused on providing exceptional results for our clients. Years of experience have shown us that logistic solutions are never one-size fits all. Standardized quotes and methods lead to unnecessary expense and waste. We partner with clients to determine their needs and secure the ideal solutions to meet their goals. 20 years of national and international experience have allowed us to find, filter through, and partner with industry leading carriers and professionals. This allows us to link our clients with services that have a proven track record. Whether by air, sea, or road we offer worldwide shipping coverage. We also provide full service warehousing solutions including, pick and pack, storage, and delivery.
Con la fondazione della casa risalente al 1605, Giusti è il più antico produttore di Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP e Tradizionale DOP.\r\n\r\nPresente su oltre 55 mercati nel mondo, Giuseppe Giusti registra una costante crescita grazie al crescente interesse e apprezzamento nel mondo per l'Aceto Balsamico di Modena di alta qualità.\r\n\r\nSponsor di ALMA, la Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana e membro dell'Unione Imprese Storiche d'Italia, Giusti ha ricevuto molteplici riconoscimenti in diverse Esposizioni nazionali ed internazionali fin dall'Ottocento, per essere poi proclamato nel 1929 Fornitore ufficiale della Real Casa Savoia.\r\n\r\nGiuseppe Giusti oggi rappresenta l'eccellenza assoluta nel mondo dell'Aceto Balsamico.
An Unquestioned Success Story has sprung from these humble beginnings in a single shop to a thriving brand found throughout Italy alongside some of the most recognized Italian luxury brand. Acqua dell'Elba products are now sold in 27 branded shops and over 300 retailers throughout Italy and a growing list of countries around the world.
65 jobs
We collaborate with the world’s most successful enterprises and entrepreneurs to navigate change, seize opportunities, and overcome barriers to innovation and growth. Within our communities, we work to create better opportunities for the future. Akerman is a client-driven enterprise, recognized by Financial Times as among the most forward thinking law firms in the industry. We are ranked among the top 100 law firms in the United States, with a reach that extends across the Americas and globally. Assembling a hand-crafted team for every client engagement, we leverage our more than 700 lawyers and business professionals across 24 offices. Our inclusive culture impacts the way we see the world and deliver results. We are a perpetual insurgent, infusing startup agility with over a century of enterprise stability—and we try not to take ourselves too seriously along the way.
Italian style makes women feel their absolute best when they walk into a room. No one knows Italian luxury like Alberto Milani. Discover the expert craftsmanship of Italians leading artisans in the Alberto Milani fine jewelry collection.
Founded in Omegna on Lake Orta by Giovanni Alessi in 1921, Alessi has produced thousands of products over the decades, many of which have become icons of contemporary design. The Alessi universe numbers more than three hundred designers from all over the world and includes different categories of typical products for the home - tableware, kitchen accessories, cooking utensils, small domestic appliances, furnishing accessories, lighting - as well as personal products. The Alessi mission is to research the most advanced cultural, aesthetic, executive and functional quality and translate this into mass produced items. One of its main characteristics is its ability to combine the typical needs of a modern business with being a research laboratory in the field of the Applied Arts, striking a fine balance between the most advanced international creativity and the desires of the public.
Financial markets can change in the blink of an eye. But, with the financial professionals at Alfino Wealth Management, clients can rest assured that your personalized wealth management strategy will be ready to adapt at subatomic speeds.